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Metamorphosis Dandy Skills, founded in 2019, emerges from a deep understanding cultivated through extensive surveys within educational institutions and engaging discussions with young adults nationwide. Our journey uncovered a critical void within the younger generation—a struggle to nurture a character capable of harnessing two intrinsic human elements: awareness and self-belief, stemming from an inner consciousness, regardless of one’s background.

Program Framework

Dimension 1: Mental

Develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decisionmaking skills.

Dimension 2: Emotional

Build self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication abilities.

Dimension 3: Physical

Promote a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and stress management.

Dimension 4: Spiritual

Nurture inner peace, values, mindfulness, and ethical leadership.

Program Overview

Embark on a transformative journey with our  Metamorphosis Dandy
Skills programs. Unleash your leadership potential across four dimensions:
Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Revolutionize leadership
development with our comprehensive program that goes beyond traditional education.

Explore critical thinking, emotional intelligence, physical wellness, and self-discovery. Master the art of oratory, creative expression, social awareness, and etiquette. Emerge as a trailblazing leader with impeccable communication and self-awareness. Let your
metamorphosis empower you to inspire others.

What Students Say

Our Testimonials

Deepali AsthanaDeepali Asthana
04:29 18 Aug 23
The best classes you can get for communication and behavior skills. But please beware they are so good that it will become an addiction. For my kids, these classes are converted into a second home. They don't want to skip a single one. Best course with best of instructor.
Sahil GuptaSahil Gupta
12:23 07 Jul 23
Himanshu MittalHimanshu Mittal
15:08 01 Apr 23
You can learn and practice public speaking, voice modulation, attention and concentration, creative writing etc here
Geet SoniGeet Soni
15:50 21 May 22
Best learning experience of Music from Vivek Sir ( Guruji ).. One of the best place to learn Vocal Music...And fees is very affordable 👍 ...Thank u.
Vivek MesseVivek Messe
06:53 05 Jan 22
Megha ChoudharyMegha Choudhary
17:37 27 Sep 20
If u r looking for a place to escalate the skills of ur child, then this place is a perfect choice. They help ur child to have overall personal development.
Abhishek patnaikAbhishek patnaik
17:40 22 Sep 20
It is a great school for developing our personality especially children who is the future of our country....I will recommend this school as an best school for children.
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