Midlife Mosaic (25-60) Age

Lifescapes Programs


The program duration is one month, consisting of 24 sessions totaling 48 hours. The fee for the entire program is an assertive 30,000/-.


The program duration is four months, consisting of 96 sessions totaling 192 hours. The fee for the entire program is an assertive 60,000/-.


The program duration is three years, consisting of 432 sessions totaling 864 hours. The fee for the entire program is an assertive 2,00,000/-.

A transformative journey that explores the science and wonders behind our concepts, designed to enrich your life and empower your personality.

The Harmonious Cadence of Vocal Brilliance

Elevate the art of voice and speech, creating a melodious tapestry of captivating oratory. Discover the power of your voice to leave a lasting impact.

The Literary Constellation of Linguistic Marvels

   Embark on a celestial journey through the enchanting realm of English literature. Let words transcend the ordinary, painting vibrant landscapes of imagination.

The Luminary Path of Thought and Imagination

Unleash creative thinking, nurturing the spark of imagination, and leading to infinite possibilities. Discover the wings of thought and imagination within you.

The Dance of Inner Harmony

   Unearth the innate sense of rhythm, synchronizing body, mind, and soul in perfect harmony. Create a symphony of graceful movements that reflect y   Unleash the boundless capacity of your mind, orchestrating a symphony of brilliance and ingenuity. Tap into your infinite potential and explore the realms of creative thinking. our inner harmony.

The Quill's Masterpiece of Creative Expression

Weave enchanting tales through the stroke of a pen, empowering minds to explore the limitless realm of creative writing. Become the architect of your own narrative.

The Enlightened Beacon of Social Awareness

   Foster a profound understanding of societal dynamics, nurturing compassionate souls who contribute to the collective welfare. Become an enlightened beacon in your community.

The Elegance of Etiquette and Social Grace

Cultivate refined manners, graceful demeanor, and exemplary social behavior. Adorn yourself with an aura of sophistication that sets you apart.

The Laser Focus of Concentration Mastery

   Harness the power of unwavering focus, empowering you to navigate through distractions and excel in your endeavors. Achieve peak concentration for success.

The Harmonious Collaboration of Team Synergy

Cultivate a spirit of collaboration, transforming you into an adept team player who thrives in collective achievement. Experience the power of team synergy.

The Radiant Glow of Leadership Excellence

Forge visionary leaders, instilling transformative qualities of guidance, inspiration, and the ability to steer towards success. Shine as a beacon of leadership.

The Theatrical Ovation of Stage Performance

Embrace the limelight, hone the art of captivating stage presence, and leave audiences spellbound with electrifying performances. Own the stage with confidence.

The Orator's Embrace of Public Speaking Mastery

Unleash a kaleidoscope of emotions, enabling you to express yourself authentically and forge genuine connections. Connect with others on a deeper, more meaningful level.

 The Tranquil Oasis of Meditation

Embark on a transformative journey of inner serenity, harnessing the power of mindfulness and self-discovery. Find peace in the tranquil oasis of meditation.

The Resonating Vitality of Energy Regulation

Balance the ebbs and flows of life force energy, harnessing your vitality and radiating with boundless enthusiasm. Experience the resonating vitality within you.

The Chronicles of Soliloquies and Prologues

Preserve the rich tapestry of your individual narrative, immortalizing personal journeys through introspection and self-reflection. Embrace the power of your own story.

The Melodic Symphony of Spoken English

    Nurture linguistic finesse and eloquence, enabling you to communicate with clarity, confidence, and captivating charm. Speak with the melodic symphony of spoken English.

The Mnemonic Alchemy of Memory Empowerment

Fortify the memory's vaults, unlocking the potential for enhanced retention and recall. Harness the mnemonic alchemy for memory empowerment.

The Unleashed Spirit of Expressive Brilliance

    Liberate the spirit of self-expression, empowering you to convey your thoughts, emotions, and ideas with resplendent eloquence. Unleash your expressive brilliance.

The Cultural Linguistic Journey of Accent Mastery

Embark on a voyage to embrace the nuances of British and American accents, transforming you into linguistic maestros. Experience the cultural linguistic journey of accent mastery.

Meditation - The Oracle of Sound

   Step into the realm of the oracle of sound, where the resonance of each sacred vibration awakens the dormant chords of your soul. Immerse yourself in the divine melody, exploring 111 purposeful sounds designed for healing, manifestation, tranquillity, and empowerment. Witness the transformative power of sound, as it becomes the guiding force in your life.

Be the Best Version of Yourself