Tiny Triumphs (05-10) Age

Lifescape Programs

The program duration is FOUR months, consisting of 48 sessions totaling 72 hours. The fee for the entire program is an assertive 20,000/-.


🌈 Vocal Magic

The Symphony of Your Voice
Get ready to explore the magical world of speaking and singing! We'll be turning your voice into a beautiful melody, like a songbird in an enchanted forest. 🎤🎶

💡 Mind Power

Unlocking Your Super Brain
Imagine your brain as a superhero! We'll teach you how to use your brainpower for incredible things - like creating your own symphony of smart ideas and inventions! 🧠💪

📚 Literary Adventures

Dive into Storyland
Join us on a magical journey through stories that will transport you to amazing places. Words will become your paintbrush, and you'll paint colorful pictures in the sky with your imagination! 📖🎨

🌌 Imagine Anything

Your Creative Universe
We're turning on the sparkle in your brain! Let's think of amazing ideas and dreams together. Your imagination is like a rocket – let's launch it to infinity and beyond! 🚀🌠

💃 Dance of Harmony

Move and Groove
Discover the dance of inner harmony! Feel the rhythm inside you and dance with joy. Your body, mind, and soul will create a beautiful dance that tells your unique story. 💃🕺

📝 Quill's Magic

Write Your Own Adventure
With a magic pen, you can write incredible stories! Let's explore the world of creative writing and turn your thoughts into enchanting tales that will amaze everyone. 🧙‍♂️📜

🌍 Social Superheroes

Making the World Better
Become a superhero in your community! We'll teach you how to understand others, be kind, and make the world a better place. 🦸‍♂️🤝

🎭 Elegance School

Manners and Grace
Step into the world of manners and grace! Learn to be polite, graceful, and make a grand entrance wherever you go. You'll shine like a star with your elegance! ✨🌟

🧐 Focus Power

Super Concentration Mode
Become a concentration master! We'll show you how to stay focused on your goals, even when the world around you is full of exciting distractions. 🎯🚀

🤝 Team Heroes

 Together Everyone Achieves More
Join the team heroes! Learn how to work with others, share ideas, and achieve incredible things together. Teamwork makes the dream work! 👫👬👭

🌟 Leadership Galaxy

 Guiding the Way
Become a leader of the stars! Learn how to inspire and guide others toward success. You'll shine bright in the leadership galaxy! 🌌🚀

🎭 Stage Stars

 Shine in the Spotlight
Lights, camera, action! Step onto the stage and become a star performer. You'll dazzle the audience with your amazing talents! 🎬🌟

🎙️ Public Speaking Magic

  Talk Like a Wizard
Transform into a magical speaker! Use your words with confidence and power to captivate hearts and minds. You'll be a wizard of words! 🧙‍♀️🗣️

😊 Express Yourself

 Emotions in Technicolor
Discover the rainbow of emotions inside you! Express yourself in vibrant colors and connect with others in a magical way. 🌈🎭

🧘 Meditation Oasis

Find Your Inner Peace
Journey to a tranquil oasis inside your mind. Learn the secrets of meditation to feel calm, peaceful, and ready to conquer the world! 🌺🧘‍♂️

🔮 Memory Magic

Unlock the Vault of Secrets
Become a memory wizard! Open the vault of your mind and unlock the magic to remember everything you learn. Your brain will be a treasure trove! 🧙‍♂️🗝️

😊 Express Yourself

 Emotions in Technicolor
Discover the rainbow of emotions inside you! Express yourself in vibrant colors and connect with others in a magical way. 🌈🎭

🎉 Expressive Brilliance

Let Your Light Shine
Release your inner brilliance! Express yourself with confidence, share your thoughts and ideas in a dazzling display of who you truly are. ✨💡

🌐 Accent Adventure

Speak Like a World Traveler
Embark on a linguistic journey! Learn the cool accents of British and American English. You'll sound like a language superhero! 🌍🗣️

🔊 Sound Oracle

Dive into the Melody of Life
Welcome to the magical world of sound! Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies that will heal, empower, and bring joy to your heart. 🎶✨

Be the Best Version of Yourself